Help to identify and prevent Fraud in a Car Dealership

Car dealerships are an essential part of the automotive industry, providing a place for customers to buy and sell cars. Unfortunately, car dealership fraud is a common problem that can cause significant financial and legal consequences for both dealerships and customers. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the ways that dealerships can prevent fraud and protect their business and customers.

Employee training

One of the most important strategies for preventing fraud is to train employees to recognise and prevent it. Dealerships should provide ongoing training to employees to ensure that they are up-to-date on the latest fraud trends and best practices. This training should cover all areas of the dealership, from sales to financing to service. Employees should also be trained on how to handle customer complaints and concerns related to fraud.

Identity verification

Another important strategy for preventing fraud is to verify the identity and financing information of customers. Dealerships should have a process in place for verifying identity, such as requiring a government-issued ID and matching it to a credit report. They should also verify financing information, such as income and employment, to ensure that the customer can afford the car. This is key when it comes to applying for finance from a car finance lender.

Monitor inventory

Monitoring inventory is another important strategy for preventing fraud. Dealerships should keep track of the mileage on their cars and look for any signs of tampering or discrepancies. They should also verify the title history of each car to ensure that it has not been altered or washed.


Technology can be a powerful tool for preventing fraud in dealerships. For example, using a digital signature pad can help to verify the identity of customers and to document transactions more accurately. Software can also be used to conduct background checks on customers and to verify financing information.

Stay up to date

Staying up-to-date on fraud trends and best practices is essential for preventing fraud in dealerships. Dealerships should subscribe to industry publications and attend conferences and training sessions to stay informed. They can also join industry organisations, such as the Specialist Automotive Finance (SAF), to access resources and support for preventing fraud.

Car dealership fraud can take many forms, from rolling back the odometer to hiding damage or selling a car with a salvage title without disclosing it. Customers can also be subjected to high-pressure sales tactics or offered deals including car finance that seem too good to be true. To avoid falling victim to these tactics, customers should do their research and verify the car’s history and condition. They should also be wary of high-pressure sales tactics and do their own research on financing options to ensure that they are getting a fair deal.


In conclusion, preventing fraud in car dealerships is essential for maintaining the integrity of the business and protecting customers. By implementing effective training, verifying identity and financing information, monitoring inventory, using technology, and staying up-to-date on fraud trends, dealerships can reduce the risk of fraud and ensure that they operate with honesty and transparency. Customers should also do their part by doing their own research and being cautious of high-pressure sales tactics. Together, we can work to prevent car dealership fraud and create a positive car-buying experience for all. If you would like more information regarding fraud prevention or car finance providers for dealerships or brokers, contact Dominion Finance today. We are a Car finance provider for local car dealers and brokers in the UK. We are a lender and we make the credit decisions. We ensure quick decisions, applications completed within 24 hours and are bad credit car finance specialists. We work with motor dealers across the North West and UK including Bolton, Blackburn, Birmingham, Chester, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, Wigan and York. Contact us today.