UK Areas with Good Credit Scores for Finance in 2023

The credit score of a prospective borrower is a significant aspect in car or van finance. Although lenders will certainly also look closely at your past history regarding paying back loans and whether or not you’re responsible, they will almost certainly start by looking at where exactly you are living.

Lenders will base lending decisions on each individual’s credit standing. Good or excellent credit scores will get the best interest rates, whereas those with poor or bad credit may be ineligible to qualify for certain lenders.

Researchers gathered and analysed credit scores from across the UK to discover how where you live impacts your credit score.

Below are some of the cities with the Highest average credit score in the UK:


Average score: 896

The Capital City of London is considered to be the financial core of the United Kingdom. Despite recent years, the City of London still remains Europe’s top financial sector.


Average score: 827

Edinburgh is the green heart of Scotland. It has more trees per head of population than any other city in the UK.


Average score: 826

York is home to the biggest food and drink festival in Great Britain. It also has a population with one of the highest average credit scores in all of UK.


Average score: 811

Hull is home to “The George Hotel”. It is a pub that claims to have the smallest window in England.


Average score: 808

Situated in the North West of England, Chorley has a storied history and is surrounded by beautiful nature. The Lancashire town has a number of lively attractions, including a bustling town centre, historical halls, lovely parks, bicycle routes, beautiful walks and scenery.

Some other cities with good scores:

  • Ribble Valley – 847
  • Shropshire – 821
  • Powys – 815
  • Aberdeen – 801
  • Stockport – 780
  • Leeds – 779
  • Birmingham – 762
  • Lancaster – 762
  • Manchester – 755
  • Liverpool – 743

How to improve your credit score?

It is quite simple – build your credit history. The most important role of a credit score is to make certain that lenders and other businesses can determine if you will pay off your loans in a responsible way. If you don’t have much success in the process, your credit score will likely be low.

Fortunately, a few simple things are all you need to begin building your credit history.

One of the easiest things you can do is getting registered to vote. Experian has stated that this action will increase your credit score by 50 points!

Another helpful idea is to stay on top of your credit card bills, or, if you never have had one before, obtain a credit card and pay off your bill each month for your credit reliability.

What if you have “bad” credit?

Do not worry! Just because you have “bad” credit or no credit history to speak of, does not mean you won’t ever be approved for car or van finance. Even if you may not be able to get accepted by many lenders, professional lenders like us can certainly help.

H4: Dominion Finance have specialist packages intended for those who:

  • Failed to make repayments in the past
  • Experienced bankruptcy in the past
  • Are self-employed
  • Have a CCJ or IVA

With the support of our professionals, you can exponentially enhance the number of choices that you have in the field of vehicle finance. Are you a car dealer or broker? Need a poor credit lender for car finance? Contact Dominion Finance today.


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