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Our commitment is to assist customers in recognising the convenience, benefits, and availability of dealer finance. We are renowned in the industry for our exceptional service, expert team, and the high level of support we offer to our dealers.

Finance you can rely on

As a nationwide brokerage, Dominion Finance is the preferred choice for both new and used car dealerships. Our commitment to exceptional service and genuine, professional conduct ensures that you and your customers can rely on us to provide the best possible experience.

At the heart of our service lies technology, but Dominion delves further into the customer’s profile and situation to ensure optimal results for all parties involved. Our dealers view us as an extension of their own businesses, relying on us to be there for them and their customers whenever necessary.


Cutting-edge approach

We aim to spearhead the adoption of an innovative model that prioritises both the customers and dealerships, leveraging the potential and broad reach of digital platforms. By aiding numerous dealerships in the UK to enhance their financial sales, we collaborate with them to connect with their customers at the opportune time and cater to their requirements.

At our company, we focus on hire purchase agreements. We are committed to being a flexible lender, which enables us to provide products that are similar to those offered by traditional prime lenders. However, we take a more personalised approach, ensuring that our products are tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

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Dominion Finance collaborates with a multitude of motor finance brokers, dealer groups, and independent car dealers to offer a versatile and alternate financing option to their clients, facilitating them in making a valuable purchase.

As a lender, we have the authority to make credit-related decisions. Our operations span across a vast network of car dealers and brokers in the UK, encompassing places such as Bolton, Chorley, Preston, Lancaster, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Chester, Wigan, and Sheffield.

By working closely and efficiently with dealerships, we aim to ensure that customers can drive their desired vehicles in the shortest possible time.